Photographer’s Studio next to Essex Place, 1948-55

299 Hackney Road former Photographic Studio

299 Hackney Road former Photographic Studio

Email and photo received 14th of May, 2016:

Hi there. I visited your farm last Saturday 7th May 2016, just as part of a nostalgic trip back to my roots – I grew up in the area in the 60s and 70s. I got talking to one of your lovely people – I think her name is Rita?

Anyway, I mentioned that my father owned a photographic studio at 299 Hackney Road from 1948-55. Of course, 299 isn’t there any more, it’s part of your farm! Attached is a photo of his shop/studio for your enjoyment.

Great work you are doing!

Best regards,

Farm Manager Chris Pounds shared a related memory.

An elderly gentleman visiting the Farm told us his father remembered a horse who saw himself reflected in the glass of the photographer’s shop (in the days horses and drays would have been on Hackney Road). This horse bolted towards the glass and crashed into the large window of displayed photographs. Was this the same shop as John’s father’s photography studio at 299 Hackney Road?