Spinning and weaving

Email from Victor Oesterling and Lesley Brookes 12/12/14:

‘Hi Charlie,

Saw your page in the Citizen so I thought I would send you a line.

My partner and her weaving partner, Miranda, met the farm people in early ’84. I joined them when we started doing weekend spinning and weaving demonstrations to help raise awareness and maybe raise a bit of cash. At the time Lesley and I were doing textile restoration for the oriental carpet trade.

When the farm opened we were instrumental in starting the weaving workshop along with our friend Miranda. For five more years after it opened, we taught various related classes for all comers as well as supervising various weekend demonstrations and projects, ie. sheep to sweater events, use of a hand spindle for making yarn as well as spinning wheel training, and making and using natural dyes that were from the garden on the wool from the farm sheep.

One of our last projects was the weaving of a tent-band for a Bedouin type tent (the only tent band that had been woven in Europe for many hundreds of years!) And then demands of our family and the changing economic climate, as well as difficulties with the administration caused us to move on. Sigh.’

crochet late 80's

Crochet at Hackney City Farm 1980s